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Tip #1: What is WAC & why should I do it?

What is Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)?

Writing Across the Curriculum is a pedagogical approach based on the beliefs that writing[1]:

  • is an critical method of learning,
  • should occur throughout students’ academic careers and in all of their courses, and
  • is discipline specific. Students should have opportunities to practice writing conventions specific to the various disciplines.

Why should I incorporate more writing in my classes[2]?

  • Writing can deepen students’ thinking and engagement with course material.
  • Reading students’ writing helps instructors get to know their students better on a personal level.
  • Reading students’ writing offers a view into students’ ideas and areas of confusion, including students who don’t normally participate in class discussions.
  • Writing asks students to organize their thoughts, evaluate ideas, elaborate their points (among other tasks) and these are skills that need to be practiced regularly in order to be maintained.

[1] Adapted from Jaclyn Wells, Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab – Purdue University. Material found at:

[2] Adapted from Brad Hughes, L&S Program in Writing Across the Curriculum – UW at Madison. Materials found at: